Thursday, April 23, 2009

Apple and spinach juice

Apple and spinach juice is a great juice to start getting accustomed to drinking spinach with. While some people have no issues going straight to drinking hard core green drinks, some of us prefer something sweeter!

The combination of apple and spinach is great. Combining the juicy sweetness of a crisp apple with the nutritious goodness of spinach makes a juice that is the perfect start to the day.


1 large apple
15 stalks of spinach

You can adjust the quantites of spinach to your preferred taste. As with making any juice, it's always best to have fun and find your own best balance of fruit and vegetables, apple and spinach juice is no different.

The juice is dark green in color and tastes similar to pure apple juice although the spinach reduces the sweetness to make a thirst quenching somewhat sweet apple and spinach juice.

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